Melania Trump blond hair

Melania Trump Set Twitter Agog With New Hair Colour

The American First Lady, Melania Trump stirs troll curiosity when she was seen on a new hair colour.

She had a little sit-down with Sean Hannity of Fox News to talk about her relationship with Trump, the challenges of being First Lady…aaaand a bunch of other stuff nobody paid attention to, because they were all staring at Melania’s new blonde hair.

Yes, the FLOTUS’s new groove comes from her bright-blonde hair transformation-a major departure from her usual brunette hue.

And though dyeing your hair shouldn’t be a national news story, especially in the current political climate, we can’t discuss the elephant in the room: Blonde hair has been the silent flag of the Trump campaign since its inception, and now Melania is lowkey waving it.

Fun new hair change for the winter? Or political move to distract the public from the Trump-Russia affair? Hey, it’s anyone’s guess.

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