Trends Series - Evil in me Episode 1
Trends Series - Evil in me Episode 1


Trends Series: Evil in me 1 _ In the early hours of the morning, a young pretty woman is seen wandering around in a thick forest aimlessly, she can only see bushes and birds around, she’s poorly dressed and hair tattered.

She looks tired and exhausted,she sights a small river and runs to that direction to quench her thirst, reaching there,she sees a woman not that pretty dragging a young handsome man down to the river forcefully; she’s shocked seeing a man overpowered by a woman who seems weak in all description, but something caught her attention, the cuteness of that young man, he seems to be the only handsome guy on earth as she thought.

The woman is also holding a small sharp knife and a long rope, its obvious that she wants the young man dead.

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The woman forcefully push the young man down and raised the knife to stab him…]
DIANA:(shouts) Stop!!!!

WOMAN:(looks at Diana with hatred)Who are you and your mission here?
DIANA: My identification doesn’t matter.

WOMAN: Then leave at once.
DIANA: I cannot leave here until you tell me what this young man has done to you.

WOMAN:(laughs) It’s none of your business…leave here or be consume by fire.
DIANA:(smiles) I can’t be consumed by fire when water flows through me.

WOMAN: Then be ready to face your death!
DIANA:(laughs) Death? I am not afraid of that word. Tell me what this young man had done to you to deserve your merciless torture.

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WOMAN: This man here is a cursed creature…its his destiny to die…die!
DIANA:(confused) Destiny?

WOMAN: Yes…destiny.
DIANA: Then I put it to you that his destiny at the moment will have to change.

WOMAN: It can’t be changed! because its his fate to die.
DIANA: It have to…

WOMAN: Who will change it?

WOMAN: Who are you to stop me?
DIANA: Someone greater than you.

WOMAN:(laughs)You can’t stop me(she drops the knife,points her fingers to Diana, a tiny lightning rubs to Diana’s direction but the lightning goes back to its sender as the woman falls and die. The young man rushes to Diana panting).

MAN:(panting) Thank you for saving me.
DIANA: Its well.

MAN: Thank you(he kisses her passionately taking her unawares).
DIANA: What? (she smiles secretly having kissed him).

[Late in the night, Diana wakes up from sleep smiling].

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DIANA: So its all a dream? Hmm…who’s that young man? who’s that woman that wanted him dead?

I hope this not a sign(her phone vibrates, she looks at the clearly written message on her phone “Don’t forget to start school tomorrow”) I know…thanks for the schorlarship to study at springs college…I will be there tomorrow unfailing (she smiles and goes back to bed as light fades).