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Trends & Buzz Media Premium Television Program is tagged ‘Trends Extra’

Trends Extra is a Magazine show with three daily themes: Nolly Trends, Trends Buzz and Trends Sports all of which have captured the hearts and minds of our teeming viewers following our preference for development and creation of high quality audio visual, top notch contents.

Trends Buzz

Trends buzz revolves round trending events in the entertainment industry, gist and gossips, comedy, fashion and style and more.


Nolly Trends

Nolly Trends is a premium family show which targets movie buffs of all ages, and who are interested in events and trends around the Nigerian movie industry.

Trends Sports

A different sports show that showcase not just sporting activities such as: Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Athletics, Tennis and more, but also feature segments as: Meets & Glitz, Today’s Blitz and trending Sports stories.

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Our Television Programs Schedule:

  Drama CityBuzz   CitySports   Nollygistv
ABS Anambra Sunday   Tuesday   Wednesday
  2:30 PM 2:00 PM 10:00 PM
AKBC – UYO Thursday   Tuesday   Saturday
  1:30 PM 9:30 PM 10:30 PM
ITV – ABUJA   Saturday
  11:00 AM
ITV – BENIN Wednesday   Friday   Sunday
  11:30 PM 3:30 PM 11:30 PM
PRTV – JOS Thursday   Thursday   Thursday
  5:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM
 BCOS  Sunday10:00 PM