It's not a 'Yansh' War, it's about minding your business - Tiwa to Yemi Alade
It's not a 'Yansh' War, it's about minding your business - Tiwa to Yemi Alade

It’s not a ‘Yansh’ War, it’s about minding your business – Tiwa to Yemi Alade

To whom it may concern, “I m not just à straight, slay mama, I can pose Yansh.”

Tiwa Savage may have just responded to Yemi Alade’ ‘s comment about straight, slim cute Tiwa Savage.

Tiwa Savage caption a post many followers regarded as a response to Alade’s advice thus:

“Flash Black Friday #ToWhomItMayF&ckingConcern”

Yemi Alade had in a post advice ladies who have less back side as much as she does to embrace their figure.

The Johnny hitmaker said people should learn to love their bodies regardless and stop with the fake ass pads and photo shopped pictures which is in its prime these days.

Her Tweet read;

“Stop increasing your yansh in your pictures! You know you are straight like “I” embrace your real self! Ahh ahh. Deceiving fans up and down.”

Meanwhile, Nollywood actor, Mercy Agbe has added more spice to THE STEW by throwing weight behind Tiwa Savage.

In a comment post, Mercy said all ladies that filter pictures are guilty.
“We are all guilty”, she said responding to Tiwa’s post, so long we use filter, she added.

It was apparent that Yemi Alade was cynically referring to Tiwa Savage. Yemi’s tweet came in moments after Tiwa uploaded her throwback picture on the internet.

Tiwa Savage: It’s about minding your business

I have never and will never judge any woman whether she has fake boobs, fake ass, whether it’s real or not.

Whether she is short, fat, skinny because I don’t know what insecurities she deals with so I’d rather love her than condemn her.

Going into 2019 although I’m quiet I’m going to try and speak my mind a little more. Let me clarify first of all that this is not a yansh war, I Kuku no get big yansh in the first place. It’s about minding your business.